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Hunkemöller Factory Sale: Tips & Tricks

The Hunkemöller Factory Sale is a must for everyone. This factory sale offers amazing deals and it is also a very nice event. Still, you need to know a couple of nice tips & tricks so you can really get some nice deals. Curious about these tips & tricks? Then read this blog!

Hunkemöller Factory Sale

I recently went to the Hunkemöller Factory Sale. It was chaos, but very nice. I certainly bought some beautiful things and I am very happy that I went. The Factory Sale was organized in Rotterdam, Ahoy (The Netherlands) and it was certainly a successful day.

Be on time

Really. Be on time. Make sure you are there as soon as the doors open. I and a friend were there at opening time and a lot had already been looted. There were no more underwear in size S, M and L and there was really a lot of junk. So make sure you are on time!

Look on the ground

Hunkemöller fabrieksverkoop

Everything is looted. There is a huge pile of stuff everywhere (see the photo above) and surprisingly enough, there are a lot of nice things in this huge pile of stuff. I had found a really nice bottle and two nice bras. So don’t only look between the racks, but also on the ground!

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Make a day trip of it

Believe me, make sure you have the whole day. I was there at 10 o’clock and I did not leave until 3 o’clock. Nice to know, I stood in the queue for three hours. Make sure you don’t have other appointments planned, because you never know how long that queque is.

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Bring enough food and drinks

You’re really busy looking for the best deals and you will be standing in line for a long time, so make sure you have enough food and drinks. Fortunately I had something with me, but unfortunately, my friend didn’t. So, definitely bring some food and drinks!

Do you have a gift card? Take it with you!

I bought 16 things and I paid all those things with my gift card! I actually only paid 4 euro entrance and that was it. Very nice of course, so be sure to bring a gift card if you have one!

Hunkemöller fabrieksverkoop

Make sure you know your size

It is very important that you know your size. Do you already have bras of the Hunkemöller? Then make sure you know your size. I had a Hunkemöller bra and I used that size to buy all my other bras. Of course, it can happen that you have different sizes of different types of bras. So be sure to check out all your bras and other things you want from the Hunkemöller or go to the Hunkemöller store to be measured.

Doesn’t it fit? Then sell it!

Doesn’t something fit? Don’t throw it away immediately. You can easily sell your stuff and even with a little profit! Let people bid and then you will definitely sell your things! Definitely recommended.

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Are you going to the Hunkemöller Factory Sale?


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