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Hunkemöller Factory Sale Shoplog: Cheap!

Recently I went to the Hunkemöller Factory Sale and this was certainly a successful day. Everything from the Hunkemöller was there for sale for 2.50 euros and that is why I, of course, bought a lot. Curious about all my purchases? You can read that in this Hunkemöller Factory Sale shoplog.

Hunkemöller Factory Sale Shoplog

Below you see all my purchases from the Hunkemöller Factory Sale. All bras are size 70C and the bikini bottoms are size S. They all fit perfectly and it is therefore highly recommended to visit the factory sale.


Hunkemöller Factory Sale Shoplog

How beautiful is the color of this bra? It is really a beautiful color and the bra is perfect! I didn’t have this color yet in my bra collection, so I am very happy!

Hunkemöller Factory Sale Shoplog

This top is so soft! This top doesn’t support anything, of course, but I’m just going to use it for sleeping. It was so soft, I really couldn’t skip it.

This is the Doutzen bikini. It looks a bit vague on the photo, but it is really beautiful! First I had to figure out how this bikini fits exactly, but in the end, it looks really beautiful.

Hunkemöller Factory Sale Shoplog

This is the bottom that belongs to the Doutzen bikini top. This bottom also fits perfectly!

Hunkemöller Factory Sale Shoplog

Believe it or not, but I didn’t own a black bra yet. I was a bit skeptical about the fit of this bikini, but it fits perfectly. I really didn’t expect that! So I am also very happy with it.

I matched this bottom with the bikini top above. It is not an official set, but I think it is a very nice combination.

Hunkemöller Factory Sale Shoplog

I found this bottle somewhere on the ground when I was standing in the queue. I really wanted this bottle for a very long time and I honestly wanted to buy it for the official price. Definitely a good purchase!

Hunkemöller Factory Sale Shoplog

Oh, this bra is beautiful! I didn’t have a gray bra yet, and certainly not with lace. That’s why I put this bra immediately in my bag to buy.

Hunkemöller Factory Sale Shoplog

This is not the most beautiful bra, but so soft! This is a bra that you can wear on a normal day and therefore definitely recommended.

More Purchases

Like the next one, this is a bra made from lace and it is really beautiful. This bra fits perfectly and for 2.50 I really wanted to own it.

Hunkemöller Factory Sale Shoplog

Really, this is one of my favorite purchases. My friend found this bra on the ground and I had to buy it immediately

How beautiful is this bra? It is transparent but very pretty. Surprisingly enough it suits perfectly and I am also a huge fan of this bra.

Hunkemöller Factory Sale Shoplog

Of course, everyone needs a white bra and that is why I bought this white balcony bra. It also fits perfect and you can wear it strapless.

All these things have a value of 332.87 euros in total and I have only paid 37.50 euros for this.

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What do you think is the most beautiful purchase of this Hunkemöller Factory Sale shoplog?

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