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Hunkemöller Factory Sale Maastricht | Bargain!

It is that time again. There is another factory sale of the Hunkemöller and this time in Maastricht. During this factory sale, you can buy different products from the Hunkemöller for very cheap prices. I was in Rotterdam a while ago and believe me, it’s definitely worth it. Curious about the date, great tips and more about the Hunkemöller Factory Sale Maastricht? Then read this blog!

Hunkemöller Factory Sale Maastricht

The Hunkemöller Factory Sale Maastricht is from 4 June at 10:00 – 7 June at 20:00 in Mecc Maastricht. If you have time these days, it is definitely recommended to take a look at this factory sale. I recommend looking at this event on Facebook.

Date: 4 june at 10:00 – 7 june at 20:00

Adress: Mecc Maastricht | Forum 100, 6229 GT Maastricht

Hunkemöller Factory Sale Maastricht

Prices of the Hunkemöller Factory Sale Maastricht

The prices of the sale in Maastricht are:

  • Accessories/socks: €2.50
  • Bikini bottoms: €2.50
  • Briefs (Pick & mix and bra briefs): €2.50
  • Hosiery / tights: €2.50
  • Slippers / sandals / slipper boot: €3
  • Bikini tops (incl sport): €4
  • Tops (excl sport): €4
  • Nightshirt: €4
  • Shorts / Capri: €4
  • Pillows / blankets / bags / yoga mat: €4
  • HKMX apparel: €5
  • Beachwear: €5
  • Bathing suits (incl HKMX): €5
  • Long pants: €6
  • Bras (incl HKMX): €6
  • Slipdress / bustier: €6
  • Jacket (incl sport): €6
  • Shapewear: €6
  • Body / cami set / bralette: €6
  • Onesies / pyjamas / robes / kimono: €7

Take a look here what I have bought at the Hunkemöller Factory Sale in Rotterdam.

Hunkemöller Factory Sale Maastricht Tips & Tricks

Make sure you have all day

You really need the whole day to roam around there. For example, I spent around four hours wandering around with a friend and figuring out what we all want. In addition, we also stood in line for more than 3 hours (!!!). Fortunately, it was all worth it.

Make sure you know your size

It is really very important that you know your size. For example, go to a Hunkemöller store in advance to get measured, or look at your old Hunkemöller bras to see what size you have. You can’t fit your clothes at the factory sale.

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Be on time

The factory sale starts at 10 a.m. and if you go there at 12 a.m., you will end up in the crowd. At 12 a.m. are all sorts of things on the floor, all the favorite bra models are gone and it is just chaos. So be on time!

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Are you going to the sale in Maastricht?


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