How to remove your make-up

Make-up. The most girls use some kind of make-up. I see lots of girls that don’t know how to remove their make-up or some don’t do it at all. This is really bad, but it saves alot of time.

  • Start with removing your mascara and your eye make-up. This can be really hard, especially when you wear waterproof mascara. Also when you are really clumsy it is really hard. You can remove your eye make-up with a cotton pad and some make-up remover.
  • After that you need to remove your face make-up. When you don’t wear face make-up, it’s still really good when you clean your face. You can simply clean your face with a brush and some make-up remover or just with yiur hands and some make-up remover.
  • After you removed your make-up, the best thing you can do is to dry your face with a little towel.
  • After you removed and dried your face apply a day or night cream.
I need to be honest. I’m not the best with removing my make-up.k moet eerlijk zijn. Ik ben ook niet de beste in het verwijderen van mijn make-up. Mostly I don’t remove all my eye make-up, because I don’t have time for that. I think it’s the most important to remove your face make-up, this is important to prevent pimples and dry skin. Probably, your question now is, what do you use to remove your make-up?! I use a simply make-up remover from the Hema (that’s a dutch store). It is for dry skin, what perfectly fits for me. It’s important to choose a make-up remover what fits your skin.  As example, don’t choose a make-up remover for dry skin when you have another kind of skin.
How do you remove your make-up?


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