How I became a real nerd

Minecraft, games etc. I literally became a nerd. Because of a video of Joey Graceffa, an amazing youtuber, I really wanted to download Minecraft. With Minecraft you just don’t put blocks down, but also literally story lines and adventures. It looked so cool, but I didn’t know how to get these amazing opportunity’s, until I got in a conversation with a super nice guy.A YouTube video &nd minecraft

I saw an amazing video of Joey Graceffa, so I really wanted to play Minecraft. I said this on Twitter and got a message immediately of someone who wanted to help me. Said it, done it, I bought Minecraft and immediately started to play. First I didn’t get how to play, but after a while I got better in it. I have for example a modpack now, so everything looks like candy now. Everything is in pink and from certain mobs you get candy. A kind of candy world. In this world you also have dungeons, where you can get certain items. I am probably going to play ‘Hungergames’ this weekend. Actually just the Minecraft version of The Hungergames. I am very excited for this and I am very curious.


Do you also game?

I am already really curious if there are beauty bloggers out there who also game. What do you play and do you have some tips and tricks? Are there any nice games (on Minecraft?) which I need to play or just other games?

Unfortunately, I really have to focus on school. I am super busy and I don’t have a week free of tests. Believe me, I can’t wait, until I have Christmas break and when I can finally read and game again (what a combination!). Would you like to read more articles about gaming and personal stuff or don’t you like that?


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