How does my night routine look like?

It is always important to take good care of your skin. I think it is important and I am always looking for the right products. My skin is always really dry and I definitely need the right products then. I can say for sure that I have found the right products. Curious which products I use?

Cleansing milk

avond routine

This is the cleansing milk I use for a while. As you can see, I use the cleansing milk from the Hema. This is a Dutch store. It only costs two euros, but it is perfect, especially for the people who have a dry skin. This cleansing milk lets my makeup disappear and it makes sure my skin gets healthier and prettier.


This is really an amazing toner. When I didn’t know what a toner was, I thought this product was of no use. I didn’t know where this product was for, so I just thought it was useless. I always use this toner after I have used my cleansing milk from the Hema. This toner makes sure my skin gets less dry after I have showered. When I don’t use this toner, then my skin just feels really tight.

Gel scrub

I also need an amazing scrub for my night routine. I don’t use this scrub every day, but when I see dead skins on my face, then I use this scrub fast. After using this scrub, my dry skin totally disappeared.

Night cream

Of course, I also need a good night cream. With this night cream, my skin becomes softer and my dry skin also disappears totally. After I have used this cream, my dry skin totally disappeared. Perfect!

What do you use as night routine? 


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