How did I experience beauty bloggen the last year?

Blogging in general isn’t the easiest thing to do. Last year I’ve learned a lot about blogging itself, but also a lot about beauty bloggen. I’ve improved my photography skills a lot and I came across a lot of handy and nice tricks. I figured out how I could make the background of my photos way whiter and how you looks better on camera.

Of course, I use Photoshop and I can do a lot of things with this. I always make the background of my photos whiter and I always change the contrast. The product looks way better like this. Also, I noticed that you need to use the flash when you make a picture of your face. Your face looks way prettier like this and just comes out way better. I don’t use a flash for my product pictures, because then the pictures get over-exposed very fast and that’s just ugly. Probably, when you use a less bright flash, then this isn’t the case.


I improved a lot with writing my articles. I have way more inspiration while I am writing my articles and I write in general way more than before. In the new year I am going to the Action or another store to buy some decoration. Sometimes I just miss some decoration in my articles. I think I am going to buy some fake flowers or stones. I will see that laster when I am in the store.

In the new year, I want to improve a lot with my blog. I have big plans, which I am going to tell later. I can tell my blog gets a whole different look!

Why is it important to look back at the last year?

It is really important to look at the last year. I see a lot of faults, but also improvements I’ve made. I know what I want to improve in the new year and I also know what I want to keep. The new year is a year full of changes and I will see later how that goes. I definitely want to improve a lot and I hope that will work out.

What are you going to change in the new year?


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