How am I as a blogger?

How am I as a blogger? That’s what I question myself a lot. Today I have this tag for you, where I tell more about my blog life.

♥ Where do you get the most inspiration of?

I never get inspiration of something. Mostly I have a product which I want to review and then I write an article about that. It’s not like I first need to search for inspiration or something else.

♥ What do you eat or drink while you blog?

Are there seriously bloggers who always eat or drink the same thing while they blog? I never eat or drink something special. Mostly what is next to me or nothing. This is so I can just keep on blogging, instead of wanting to eat a piece of my food.

♥ When you make an annual review of your blog, when do you start?

Oeh that’s a lovely idea! To make an annual review of the blogs which are the most viewed, noted it! But good, now the answer of this question. I think I will start to make an annual review somewhere at the end of december and then put him online at the 31th of december.

♥ What’s the most valuable thing you learnt as a blogger?

That you really need to stay yourself and that you need to ignore all the negative thing sin your live. Sometimes I get negative comments, but I see that as feedback and I learn of that. You don’t need to accept everything people say, because everyone has a different opinion. You need to do what you want to do and when people don’t agree with that then ignore them.


♥ What’s the best moment to blog?

The best moment to blog.. When I have a lot of free days, then I blog a lot. Sometimes I don’t have inspiration on these free days and that’s not very handy. I have the time to write a blogpost and then I don’t have inspiration. I blog mostly on Tuesday and in the weekend. Sometimes I’m really last-minute with making my articles, but I’m always on time.

♥ What do you want to achieve with your blog?

I want to achieve a lot with my blog, but I think that’s pretty much impossible. I would like to grow a lot and that’s work out pretty well.  Also I really want to go to blogevents and meet all different kinds of bloggers.

♥ Are you insecure after the publishing an article?

I feel insecure when I get a lot of negative comments. I always agree with my article and I don’t put something online when I don’t agree with it.

♥ Do you have much contact with bloggers?

I’m in a whatsapp group named ‘The sisterhood of blogger’.  In this group there are a lot of sweet and nice bloggers and I can’t wait to meet them.

♥ What kind of music or video do you listen to when you blog?

I never listen to music or a video when I blog. I get distracted by that and then there come a lot of typos in my article. I see it happening that I suddenly write the lyrics of the song in my article.


♥ On what day get the most articles created?

I don’t have a day where a lot of articles get created. As I already said I blog when I have a free day or something. but I don’t have a special day where I blog a lot. Mostly I have a lot to do and then I don’t blog a lot.

♥ On which article are you the most proud of?

I’m proud on a lot of articles on my blog. I’m mostly proud on the articles where I tell my opinion or where I made a lot of beautiful photos in.

♥ Why does someone need to start a blog?

It’s amazing to tell your own opinion and to do everything you need to make an article is just amazing. Make photos, investigate something etc.

♥ Who would you let to fill in these questions?

I really like these questions and I would definitely recommend to fill in this tag.


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