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The new year has finally started. For me, that’s my exam year. A year full of pressure, stress and more pressure. How am I going to handle this pressure with my blog and how am I going to handle my exam period? Read this blog if you want to know more about this year.

Exam year

Starting this February, it gets even busier for me. Around March, my second and last test week starts with all the things I need to learn for my exams. That means that I need to study a lot and that I don’t have much time for anything. I still want to visit an awesome escape room with my group of sweet bloggers, but this probably won’t happen because I need to choose a study and besides that, I need to finish an important project as well. This project needed to be finished in December, but this was extended, so now I have a lot of stress for this project…

Exam year


Besides that, I want to try to publish a blog almost every day. I don’t want to publish any bad articles and that’s why I have chosen to use a different schedule for my exam period. Besides that, I am looking for a couple of guest bloggers, so my readers don’t get fewer articles, bad articles and more. I want to get in contact with some guest bloggers, but I don’t know how yet. If you want to write a nice beauty and fashion related guest blog, then you can always send me a message. This will happen for the months April and May. Only one guest blog is good as well.

I need to plan and I hope I will make it. All tips are welcome! I need to finish this year the right way.

How do you handle such a busy period?


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