Guess what.. It’s my birthday!

Today an extra post. Because it’s my birthday! I officially turned eighteen and that means I am finally an adult. What am I going to do now I am an adult and how am I going to celebrate my birthday? You read that in this post.

How am I going to celebrate my birthday?

Today I don’t celebrate my birthday with my family, but on 30 December, because me and my family then have some time. Today I am just going to work on school and enjoy the day. In the evening I am going to eat some dinner with three super sweet friends and I am so excited for this. We are going to eat at Woodstone, a Dutch restaurant. You can eat very delicious pizza’s at this restaurant. Super nice to celebrate my birthday like this.


What am I going to do now I am eighteen years old?

Finally, my colleague-bloggers can’t bully me anymore that I am not eighteen. Woopwoop! Besides that, nothing really changes haha. Now I have more opportunities for my blog (collaborations and other nice things), but in my life, nothing really changes. I am not going to drink alcohol or something like that, but after my exams, I am going to try to get my car license. I also need to start with driving lessons and I need to learn for my theory exam as well of course. The perfect time for that is after my exams! Excited!

Now I am going to enjoy my day and I hope that you will have a nice day and a nice weekend as well. Tomorrow I am going to my family to celebrate that my grandma and granddad are married for seventy(!!) years. That’s definitely something to celebrate!

What are you going to do this weekend? 


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