Grinding on the streets (auw!)


In a lot of articles I call myself clumsy, but you probably never read why I am so clumsy. A while ago I grinded myself on the streets. Yes, grinding on the naked streets. That didn’t go that well..

Cycling through the rain

You already image it. Me, cycling through the rain. I tried to protect my hair, because we actually went to a sort of party. My friend’s birthday was in the holidays and me and two other friends thought it was time for a party. Filled with courage we cycled through the rain. Before it went wrong already. We almost bumped against each other, but we stood up again.

We planned to get a nice cake at the Albert Heijn, a supermarket. A nice plan right? We bought a nice cream cake and I said that I was the one who wanted to cycle with the cake through the rain. Well, here it went wrong. Never, but really never let a clumsy girl cycle through the rain with a cake.. That’s just not handy..

Well, I went to cycle with that stupid cake. My bicycle is not the best and it sometimes has some weird abnormalities. My back wheel was a bit loss, so I cycled to the left or right suddenly. I couldn’t see anything because of the rain, so I drove to the right, to the wheel of my friend. Next I grinded with the cake and everything on the streets and damn, that hurt a lot.

When you can never blog again..

I tried to save the cake and my face of course. It is not that nice to grind with my face on the streets. Next my hands were all open, that wounded that I couldn’t blog for a while. Fortunately, I planned a couple of articles and you probably didn’t notice this ;). A super nice woman helped me (I didn’t want this at first tho). And of course, my friends are always there for me. I still have some weird spots on my hands from falling, but I can blog again! It would be so bad.. When you can never blog again..


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