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Grey Nike shoes | Super cheap!

Batavia City is an outlet store to buy bargains. Batavia City has a Nike store where you can get a lot of shoes for an outlet price. Also, Batavia City has a discount card so you can get some extra discount. With this discount card, I have bought grey Nike shoes for only 22.50 euros!

Grey Nike shoes


I have bought these grey Nike shoes at Batavia City. They have a Nike store in Batavia city and it always has the best discounts. In the Nike store, you can use your discount card and then you can always get a discount of 7.50 euros (if you have that amount on your card of course). The shoes were 30 euros at first, what is a bargain of course, but with the discount card, I received an extra discount of 7.50 euros. Ater this discount the shoes only cost 22.50 euros.

Grijze Nike schoenen Grey Nike shoes

The shoes are really nice. They feel like I am wearing slippers. In addition, I find the shoes really cool. The shoes contain different colors of gray and the bottoms of the shoes are very cool. I normally have size 36, but I have bought these shoes in a size 36.5. The size 36.5 is really perfect. I definitely recommend to fit the shoes in the store and certainly look at half a size bigger. In addition, the shoes fall fairly narrow. I have pretty narrow feet and therefore the shoes fit perfectly. However, if you have wider feet, there is a chance that these shoes will not fit.

You can combine the shoes easily. A while ago, I have worn these shoes with this yellow jumpsuit, but you can actually combine these shoes with everything. The shoes will also look very nice with black skinny jeans or just with culotte pants with a nice bright top.

What do you think of these shoes? 


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