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GlossyWorks | Nude nail polish for every occasion

Everyone loves some nude nail polish. Well, I am a huge fan. I prefer wearing nude nail polish all the time and I can’t live without of course. It is easy to combine and besides that, I think such a nail polish always looks gorgeous. This time I test a nude nail polish from GlossyWorks.

Glossyworks nude nail polish


The nail polish is in a pretty small package, making it easy to take it for example on holiday. In addition, the brush is very narrow, which I always find very nice. After all, I have fairly narrow nails and there is nothing annoying than a big brush.

On my nails

Nude nagellak

The nail polish is really beautiful on my nails, but it needed some layers before I could get this effect. Very unfortunate, because in my opinion, I had to use quite a lot of product. In addition, the nail polish stinks really terrible. I know, all nail polishes stink, but in one way or another, I had the idea that the smell stayed on extra long. An advantage is that the nail polish dries very quickly. This allows me to quickly continue studying for my exams and I also did not get any crazy dents or other flaws on my nails.

In short, a very nice polish for a price of 13.50 euro. To be honest, I would not spend so much money on one single nail polish, but if you’re looking for a nice one that also stays on for a long time, then you should definitely take a look at GlossyWorks.

What do you think of the color of this nail polish? I would love to hear from you! 

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