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In the article of Monday last week, I wrote I didn’t really like glitters. Don’t understand me wrong, I think glitters are really pretty, but they are literally everywhere. I still tried the glitters of Bellápierre and that’s wasn’t without consequences.

Box with glitters


The little box looks pretty cool. Unfortunately, the box isn’t totally black, but this brand comes pretty close. I don’t have the feeling there are many glitters in the box. It it possible that you can do a lot with these glitters, but I don’t think that’s is the case.

On my nails


The glitters are in a really nice box, but they are really expensive. In my opinion, way too expensive. The glitters are really nice, but they are hard to apply. I first applied the nailpolish of the last Styletone and after that I applied the glitters. After that I applied a topcoat, because I was scared that the glitters were gone immediately. This wasn’t the case and I immediately applied more glitters. Applying the glitters is a huge waste. I threw a lot on the paper instead on my nails and it was stuck on the paper as well.


On the last picture you didn’t see that clear how the glitters were on my nails. I think I nailed it pretty good. I think it is a really cool combination with the nailpolish of the last Styletone. I have applied the nailpolish for my birthday and I wear this nailpolish with a black dress. I am going to show you the other pieces of my outfit later.


The glitters are really pretty and I am very happy with it. The price is really high and I prefer a topcoat. Now I need to shake the glitters out of the little box and that didn’t went that well. The glitters literally came everywhere and I was very happy I put a paper under it. When I didn’t put a paper under it, then the glitters were seriously everywhere. When I say everywhere, I really mean everywhere.

What do you prefer, lose glitters or a topcoat with glitters?


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