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Glasses from Aliexpress | Super cheap!

I thought that it would be fun to buy some glasses. Well, this wasn’t really a success. On Aliexpress you have super cheap glasses from Aliexpress (without strength) and I thought it would be awesome to buy some round glasses. Well, I look like the woman version of Harry Potter.

Glasses from Aliexpress

This pair of glasses is so much fun and they are really glasses which you see often. I bought these glasses full of faith, but it wasn’t really my taste.

These glasses only cost 1.50 euros and the quality is also super nice. To be honest, I didn’t really expect this. The glasses are super strong and they are also pretty cozy to wear. The only disadvantage is that the nose part isn’t really pretty. As you can probably read, I have never wear glasses before.

First, the glasses look pretty nice on me. Still, the glasses are way too big and just too round. If the glasses were less round and just a bit smaller, then it would actually suit pretty good.

If I ever need glasses, then I would actually buy this kind of glasses. It just has to be a bit smaller and less round. The glasses are actually pretty cozy, but I don’t think I am going to wear these glasses. The glasses are just too round and that makes my head way rounder.

Glasses from Aliexpress

Would you ever buy glasses on Aliexpress? This pair of glasses only cost 1.50 euros and it was definitely worth the try! If I ever want to dress up like Harry Potter, then I would definitely wear this pair of glasses. It is also a big recommendation if you just love to wear glasses or if you need new glasses.

Would you wear glasses, only because they suit nice or would you never do this? 


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