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Gifts under 25 dollars | Easy and cheap!

Stress! Christmas is almost coming and you still haven’t bought any presents .. Well, I will save you! This post contains the best (last minute!) Christmas gifts under 25 dollars to surprise your wife, lover or sister. Be sure to take a look at this gift guide to come up with last minute ideas.

Gifts under 25 dollars

Gifts under 25 dollars

A gift box is a very nice gift. This gift box contains an eyeshadow palette, a blush palette, brushes, a lip palette and more! This box only costs around 25 dollars and definitely worth it!

I am really crazy about Pixi Beauty products. I have already written a lot of articles about these products. This is the reason why I definitely recommend to look at the products of this makeup brand. This tonic is definitely a recommendation!

Must read: Dulce’s Lip Candy of Pixi Beauty

Everyone wants beautiful, long and shiny hair and everyone wants to start the new year amazingly. This oil is perfect for that.

Socks! Who doesn’t love socks! These socks are super thick and that’s why they are perfect for Winter.


Gifts under 25 dollars

I love keychains a lot and that’s why I needed to put one in my gift guide. This keychain only costs 3 euros but it is really the perfect gift!

It is becoming winter and that’s why scarves are the best gifts. This green scarf looks perfect with a black jacket and is also super cheap!

This fragrance of Tommy is really amazing and also super cheap!

Everyone is happy with brushes and that’s why these brushes are definitely perfect. These brushes are easy to use for a daily routine and also cheap. You can’t go wrong with these brushes.

Believe me, everyone is happy with a highlighter. Don’t you know which highlighter is perfect for everyone? Then definitely buy this highlighter. It has a lot of good reviews and is really pretty.

Did you know that advent calenders are super cheap? Of course, you can’t open this advent calendar according to the dates, but that doesn’t mean this calendar contains a lot of amazing products for a very low price.

This clutch is so beautiful. I think the wine glass on the clutch is really amazing and I definitely get Christmas vibes with this clutch.

It is becoming winter and that’s why a practical gift is a nice idea. What do you think of this nice black cap? Super easy to combine with other clothes!

Cadeaus onder 25 euro

How awesome are these glasses? These glasses are super popular lately and although it is winter, it is definitely a good gift.

NARS is a really good brand and that’s why it is the perfect gift to make your love ones happy. A perfect gift for under the Christmas tree.

Are you looking for a nice belt? Then this is the perfect gift! This belt is beautiful and besides that, really perfect for winter!

This dress is really beautiful. Of course, for clothes, you need to know the right size, but if you know that, definitely take a look at this dress. This dress is the best Christmas dress and also under 25 dollars!

Which gifts under 25 dollars are you definitely going to buy?


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