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Fuller eyebrows | Do you get that with this gel?!

Everyone wants fuller eyebrows. Yet it is really difficult to get those. I have already tested everything from powder to eyebrow pencils, but unfortunately, nothing works. In my Goodiebox I received this product and I was immediately enthusiastic about it. But well, does this gel work and do I get fuller eyebrows? You can read that in this blog.

Fuller eyebrows

fuller eyebrows

This gel is super pigmented. You, therefore, need very little product to get fuller eyebrows. I do have some “holes” in my eyebrows without this gel. That’s why I fill this up with an eyebrow pencil, but this doesn’t work great. I always keep seeing gaps in my eyebrow when I look at my eyebrows up close.

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Are you looking for an eyebrow gel to get fuller eyebrows? Then you should really check out this article. You can get it at a drugstore or online. This is really the best eyebrow gel you can get. It is not a clear gel, but tinted. In this article I will tell you how to use and how to apply this gel and of course, the before and after pictures. Are you looking for a natural color for the best look? Then check out this blog. Benefit | Hack | Dry | Products #Beauty #MakeupArtist #MakeupTutorial

How do you apply this product?

fuller eyebrows

It is actually very easy to apply this product. As you can see, the product has a brush and it is very easy to use this brush to apply the gel to your eyebrows. However, sometimes I apply a bit too much product with the brush. I definitely recommend having another brush on hand so that you can distribute the gel well.

The results

These are my eyebrows without the eyebrow gel. It looks okay, but I still have a few “holes”.

These are my eyebrows with the eyebrow gel. Unfortunately, the eyebrow gel is difficult to distribute. For example, I prefer my eyebrows to go from light to dark, but unfortunately, the gel is too hard to apply.

I have bought this More Brows fibre gel in the color medium dark and it costs 16 euros. I have got this eyebrow gel with my Goodiebox, but you can also get it at stores like Modelco.

Do you already have fuller eyebrows and are you going to use this gel? 


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  • Reply Nicole

    I had never heard of eyebrow gel before. What a cool beauty product, I will have to remember to grab some and try it out!

    14 January 2019 at 02:50

    Since I don’t have a girlfriend, I will share this with my sister, these are useful beauty tips. Thanks.

    14 January 2019 at 14:12
  • Reply Kalyon Subbarao

    Nice Product, my wife always keeps complaining about thin eyebrows trying to find solution for them, will suggest her thanks, will see if it helps her. thank you for the information.

    14 January 2019 at 16:20
  • Reply Georgina

    Wait- there’s a gel for eyebrows?? This is so cool. Thanks for passing the information along

    19 January 2019 at 07:38
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