Fridiary | The Beautyboulevard in English!

As you guys can see is The beautyboulevard now readable in English! I’m very happy with this, but it is also alot of work. I need to translate every article in English and also dutch and that’s alot of work!

For now I don’t really see results. No reactions and a little bit of visitors. But I can’t really expect something, because I only posted two English articles. I’m going to try it out for a while and if I don’t see any results then I’m going to focus completely on Dutch. I would love to hear some tips and tricks if you have some.


I went to the city last week and after that I went to make some photos of some things. Soon you guys will see an article about these pics and I’m really wondering what you think about that. Here above you see a sneekpeek what you can expect next week.

Today is just a short fridiary. I’m going to relax and enjoy my vacation a bit and after that I will work on my school and the other things I need to do. I hope you guys have a wonderful vacation and a wonderful day.


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