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The teachers on my school give way too much tests. I thought I was free for a week and I could enjoy my weekend, and spend my time on blogging or to make photos, but no there comes a teacher who tells the class that we are going to make a ‘nice’ test next week. At first, a test isn’t nice and also the teachers tell us that you don’t really need to learn for some tests. Well excuse me, but I spend atleast three hours on a test before I make a test.

I’m also very busy with cooperations. Really fun ofcourse, because I have alot to review! Soon you will see an outfit post and a review what has something to do with photos.. What it is exactly, I’m not going to tell.

Fortunately, today I have a day off! Today I’m going to buy some new pointe shoes and also make a little bit of homework for school. Ofcourse I’m going to enjoy my day off aswell!

What did you do this week?

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