Fridiary | Contouring lipgloss & visitcards?!

It’s friday and that means it is time for a new personal article. Today a fridiary, because I need to tell you guys some things. The first thing I need to tell you guys about is a contouring lipgloss, but what’s that exactly? And I bought some amazing visitcards!


I start with the visitcards. I have these visitcards from Drukwerkdeal (not sponsored), they now have a deal that you can get 200 visitcards for only one euro! That’s really cheap and I couldn’t wait to make my own visitcards. Unfortunately you need to make these cards in photoshop or another program, because they have a program for it, but this program makes your pictures very weird (my head was seriously screwed up). As you can see above, here are my visitcards. I made these visitcards on my own and I’m secretly a little bit proud. The text needs to be a little bit bigger maybe, but now it is readable aswell. Also I’ve used different colours, but calm colours, so the card really stands out. Where I will use the card for, I have seriously no idea. If someone knows where to use this card for, then I would love to hear that.


Now the contouring lipgloss. I never really heard of it before and that’s the reason why I wanted to try this lipgloss out. This contouring lipgloss promises that you get bigger lips in 30 days. Well, these 30 days start now! Today I start with using the lipgloss every day and then I hope that I will have bigger lips in 30 days. To be honest, I’m really curious.

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