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FOREO Luna 3: Is it worth the money?

It is very important to me that my face looks good every day. I want good skin and I always did that with my cleanser and my make-up eraser. Still, I wanted to go a step further with my facial routine and that’s why I have tested the FOREO Luna 3. Today you will find out if it is worth the money or if you should skip this product.

What is the FOREO Luna 3

FOREO Luna 3

The Luna 3 is a skin care device that combines ultra-soft, hygienic cleaning with a number of targeted massage routines. You can then operate this with the FOREO app. The difference between normal face brushes and the Luna 3 is that nylon brush heads are a hiding place for bacteria, so you always have to replace the brush head regularly.

The cover of the Luna 3 is a hygienic silicone body that can be charged via a USB port and then can be used 650 times.

FOREO Luna 3 FOREO Luna 3 achterkant

Some other facts about the Luna 3: 

  • 30% longer touch points: to reach hard-to-reach places and for deeper pore cleaning.
  • 30% larger brush head: effective cleaning.
  • 25% softer touch points: glides effortlessly across the face.
  • 16 pulsation intensities: choose what suits you best with a maximum of 8000 pulsations per minute.
  • Control the device with an app.
  • 100% waterproof and improved loading power.
  • Universal on and off button.

What do I think of this device?

FOREO Luna 3 achterkant

I have tested the Luna 3 extensively and I must say that I am very satisfied with it!

Before I use the Luna 3 to clean my skin, I first remove my makeup with a cleanser. When I am done with this, I use the Luna 3 with a bit more cleanser. Next, I click on the back of the Luna 3, two times, so the device turns on for one minute. This minute is long enough and my face is much cleaner than when I only use a cleanser.

FOREO Luna 3

A major disadvantage of this device is that the app does not work properly on my phone. It took a long time before I connected the device, but then it worked. I was able to perform one of the massages and you clearly felt a difference between the different massages.

For me, the app stopped working after doing one treatment, but I fixed this with re-installing the app. Above you see the four different treatments. If you have selected one of the treatments, you can simply click on “start treatment”. The phone then connects to the device, causing it to work immediately. The treatments are really nice, so it is highly recommended not only to look at the cleansing option but also at the treatments.

I have the light pink variant for normal skin and there is also a purple one for sensitive skin and a blue one for combined skin.

You can buy the FOREO Luna 3 for 199 euros at

How does the FOREO Luna 3 look like to you?


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