Five reasons why it is nice to be short

Everyone knows the phrase “small but good”. Why is it actually good to be small? I am pretty short, so I can describe this perfectly. Today I will put all advantages on one row!


When you are short, you can always wear heels. You aren’t too long and heels are always super pretty. I wear heels every day and then I just feel a bit longer. Soon I will buy some more heels, which are also super comfortable and which I can wear on school.

You can pass everyone

Nobody sees you, so you can pass everyone super easily. If someone puts his arm up, then I can just walk under it. it is of course super easily to pass everyone. Unfortunately, most people don’t see me, so they bump into me. That is the disadvantage to be short.

Being short is cute

I often hear that it is cute to be short. Sometimes it is handy to be short. When I can wear heels as well, then it will be totally fine. Well, I hope so.


Blankets are never too short. I love blankets and then it is perfect to be short. Who does think it is nice to have cold feet when you can put a blanket on your body. Well, I don’t think this is nice.


I don’t think it is nice to be longer than a boy. This is of course totally my opinion and I actually don’t notice it when a girl is longer than a boy. It is just how you feel when you are longer than a boy.

Do you think it is nice to be small or totally not? 


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