Five reasons why it is amazing to longboard

As you probably read, I love longboarding. It is a super nice sport and when I am free of school, I am going to do this more often. I haven’t told you the reasons why it is amazing to longboard. I will tell that in this article.


Of course, it is a lot of fun to longboard. Most of the time I go with a couple of friends. They skate and I longboard. I have to practice a lot of course, but I am going to do this in the holidays. That is definitely my goal!


While longboarding you can discover more of your environment. I am not going to cycle, except to school of course, but then you don’t see your whole environment. With a longboard, you are outside and then you can discover a lot of new places.


It is also pretty healthy to longboard. You come outside and I never do this without longboard. If I don’t have a longboard, then I won’t grab my bike to cycle a couple of rounds.

Different styles

I want to learn Longboard dancing. It looks so awesome, but first I have to learn to longboard normally. For this, you need to put a lot of time in this, so it is pretty hard as well.

The design

C’mon, look at this design. I have received this longboard from Stoken Boardshop and it is really beautiful. Even if you don’t longboard then it is amazing to put it in your living room. Of course, longboarding is too amazing to don’t do it, but if you are really lazy then you can always put this longboard in your living room.

Which sport do you do and why do you think that is amazing?  


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