Fashion wish list | Autumn/Fall

It is finally time to make a fashion wish list. The holidays almost begin and I am just so excited to go shopping. Lately, I have watched a lot of YouTube videos of shop logs and I saw so many nice things. There are a couple of things which I really need. Curious about the things I want to buy? Then read this post.

Fashion wish list

Fashion wish list

I have fitted such a jacket already with a couple of friends. I was immediately in love with it, but there was only one thing I didn’t like. The jacket had a lot of holes in it and I really didn’t like that. Yesterday I saw a jacket like that on YouTube, but then long. I hope I will come across that jacket when I go to the Primark.

These are three fashion items I really like. I can’t really wear the skirt in the winter, but it is really beautiful with a nice shirt. The socks are Harry Potter inspired and I think they are really cool. The cap is perfect for winter of course, but I think this one is so nice that I am definitely going to buy him when I come across it.

Pull and Bear

This blouse is so awesome. I hope they have this blouse when I go to the store. It only costs 11.19 euros at the moment. If it is not available in the store then I am going to order it online and send it to the store.

Everything from Pull and Bear in this wishlist has a discount. This jumpsuit is not perfect for Autumn of course, but I think this one is really cool. I came across this jumpsuit in the store, but then it was 30 euros. I think that is a bit too much for a jumpsuit. Now it is at a discount and only costs 14 euros!

How cool are these shoes? I also came across these shoes a couple of times in the store and I think they are so cool. When I am in the store then I definitely want to fit them to see if they really suit me. These shoes are definitely really special.

Which products do you want to have?


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