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Black denim jacket and orange sweater

It is fall! Okay, it is Fall for a pretty long time already, but I finally got into the fall hype. A while ago, I went to the Primark to buy some pajamas, but I came across so many nice things and today I’ve made a super nice outfit with those items. Very cozy, perfect for fall and also super cheap! Check out this black denim jacket for sure.

Black denim jacket

If you kept an eye on my Instagram, then you would already have seen this look. Actually, I am pretty active on Instagram and I think it is amazing to show my new looks daily. So don’t you follow me yet, then do that now ;).

This is the look. A super nice denim black jacket with an amazing lining. The inside of this jacket has a fluffy fabric and that makes this jacket a winter jacket. I also get very hot very soon, so this jacket is perfect.


Black denim jacket zwarte spijkerjas

The jacket has a couple of buttons which you can close all the way up to your neck. Now I cycle with my jacket open, but if it gets colder then these buttons are amazing. Besides that, I have two other buttons close to my wrist. So you can also choose to fold the sleeves if you think that looks better.

The collar is pretty warm and is made of a fluffy fabric which is also the lining. Besides that, the jacket has four pockets. Unfortunately, you can’t close those, so you can lose your stuff pretty fast if you want to put it in your pocket. The sweater I wear on this picture is also from the Primark and it is pretty hot. I have bought all two clothes in one or two sizes bigger. So, I have bought the jacket in size 38, while I normally have size 34/36 and I have bought the sweater in size 8, while I normally have size 6. I think it looks more beautiful if my clothes are a bit oversized.


Actually, I have bought this jacket at the Primark for only 25 euros. The jacket is definitely a bit recommendation and I wear it pretty often now. It is perfect for autumn, but I think also perfect for the winter with a scarf. Also, I have got this sweater from the Primark and it only costs 13 euros.

What do you think of this outfit?


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