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Essence Lash Princess | The mascara everyone is talking about

The mascara everyone is talking about. The Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect mascara. A mascara I came across pretty often on Facebook, but I never thought of buying a mascara of Essence. Normally I always have mascara’s which are more expensive, but this time I have chosen for a cheaper budget mascara. Curious what I think of this mascara? Then read this blog.

Essence Lash Princess Mascara

Essence Lash Princess Mascara

This is the mascara everyone is talking about. A mascara, which looks pretty cheap in my opinion, but that’s probably just my taste. It is pretty easy to hold the mascara, what is a big advantage. There is nothing as annoying as holding a mascara which you can’t hold.

The mascara has a conical brush what makes sure you get a False Lash Effect. I am not sure if this brush really gives me a False Lash Effect, but it gives my lashes a lot of volume. My last mascara didn’t give me as much volume as this one.

This is the mascara on my lashes. First of all, my lashes don’t stick together. Still, the brush applies a lot of mascara on my lashes. This is pretty annoying because then my lashes look like spider legs pretty fast. You can solve this by brushing your lashes a lot.

The only disadvantage is that the mascara applies a lot. Still, my lashes get a lot of volume, what is very nice of course. This way my eyes look way bigger. If the mascara really gives me a false lash effect, I doubt that. I don’t have many lashes, so I don’t have a lot of volume myself. But maybe if you have a lot of lashes yourself, then it will give a false lash effect.

How does this mascara look like to you?


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