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Essence fall winter collection 2018

Essence is a great budget brand with a lot of nice products. Essence has a lot of beautiful lippies, eyeshadow palettes and much more. Recently, I received the latest collection of Essence, named the Essence fall winter collection. Curious about this new collection and what it may cost? Then read this blog.

Essence fall winter collection

Essence fall / winter collection Essence fall / winter collection

In addition to the products above and below, Essence also brings out a number of new eyeshadow palettes, melted chrome eyeliners, melted chrome liquid lipsticks, brushes, accessories and much more.


Essence fall / winter collectionEssence fall / winter collectionEssence fall / winter collection

Essence has four new palettes in its Essence fall winter collection. You can see one of the palettes above. All four eye & face palettes have cool, colorful, cardboard packaging. In each palette, you will find eight eyeshadows with both matte and glittering effects and a perfectly matching blush. The four palettes are called “born awesome”, “not your princess”, “too glam to give a damn” and “the future is me”.

Above you see the eye look I made with the palette.

This eyeshadow palette costs 7 euros.

Essence fall / winter collection Essence fall / winter collection

If you have read my blog more often, you will know that I am crazy about highlighters. In the new collection, Essence is launching two new highlighters. The highlighter above has three beautiful holographic tones. The palette above has mainly warm bronzing hues and the other highlighter palette in the collection has cool pastels. All two palettes suit every skin type.

This highlighter palette costs 6 euros.

Nail polish

Essence fall / winter collectionEssence fall / winter collection

The melted chrome top coat is indispensable in your melted chrome nail powder manicure. This top coat can also be used in combination with other nail polish. You can read more about the melted powder below.

The melted chrome topcoat costs 3 euros.

The cosmic lights nail polish, on the left, gives a holographic effect and makes your nails sparkle. I have been looking for a silver nail polish for a long time, so this polish comes in handy.

The cosmic lights nail polish costs 2 euros.

The glitter on, glitter off nail polish is a peel-off nail polish. Very useful for lazy people. The color is really beautiful and with some layers, you have a nice layer of nail polish. Besides that, the nail polish is very easy to remove.

The glitter on glitter off peel off nail polish costs 2,60 euros.

Melted chrome

Essence fall / winter collection

The melted chrome powder is a nail powder for a trendy chameleon and chrome effect. You simply apply a bit of nail polish and rub the powder slightly over the almost dry nail polish. Then you finish with the topcoat above.

The melted chrome powder costs 3 euros.

The melted chrome eyeshadow is a beautiful eyeshadow. This reminds me a bit of molten metal and they certainly give off intense colors. Above you see the silver version of the eyeshadow, but there are more colors available.

The melted chrome eyeshadow costs 3 euros.

Concealer en foundation

Essence fall winter collection

This foundation provides a matte, flawless coverage. The texture is waterproof and the coverage can be completely determined by yourself. The foundation is available in nine different colors. Unfortunately, I think the packaging looks very cheap.

This foundation costs 4.60 euros.

Essence fall / winter collection

The concealer is really the perfect color for me. I have already tested it today and it really covers perfectly. It is waterproof and makes dark circles and shadows disappear under your eyes for a long time. It is definitely recommended to have this concealer in your stash.

This concealer costs 2,90 euros.

Magnetic fake lashes

Essence fall winter collection

I was really excited about this product when I saw it. These are magnetic fake eyelashes and provide a cool look. The lashes are easy to apply and fortunately, you don’t have to mess with eyelash glue.

The fake lashes cost 6 euros. 

Velvet matte lipstick

Essence fall / winter collection

The velvet lipstick is available in a lot of different colors. Also, the lipstick has a mattifying effect and at the same time feels light and airy. Besides that, the colors are highly pigmented and spread quickly and evenly over the lips. At least Essence promises this. I’m curious!

The lipstick costs 2,40 euros.

Mascara, lippie, and primer

Essence fall winter collection

The product at the far left is a mascara. This mascara has a special applicator in a “peanut form”. This lengthens the eyelashes and gives them volume. Essence promises that all eyelashes will immediately have a color and an irresistible effect.

The mascara costs 3,60 euros.

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The insta-care lipstick combines insta-color with the rich care of a lip balm. The lipstick contains vitamin E and 20% shea butter oil for shiny colored lips that feel soft and supple. I am certainly curious about this lippie.

The lipstick costs 2 euros.

The product on the far right is a primer. Essence has released three new primers. The gray primer on the photo is especially for the problem skin and besides that, Essence has also released a pink and a green version. Besides that, the pink primer is for when you see what pale and when you can use a glow-boost. Also, the green primer is for when you suffer from red spots. If I hear so, the pink primer is perfect for me.

The primer costs 3,60 euros.

What do you think of the Essence fall winter collection? 


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