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I’ve made a trip through the south of England! During two weeks, I’ve visited a lot of different places. I’m going to tell you all my personal (travel) stories for six weeks. The first place I’ve visited is Southampton. A nice harbour town where I stayed for two days.


The trip stared at 4:30 in the morning. I packed in the last things I needed and after that we went around 5:30 to the airport. That day was a terror threat, but we didn’t see any of this. In England, I read about the terror threat that day and I was very happy that I didn’t read this at the airport. Around 8:30 we went with our flight to England. We flied for the first time with a Cityhopper. This airplane is a bit smaller and a bit cheaper. In the airplane we got some breakfast, what existed out a mini-sandwich, a “stroopwafel” and a cup(!) of water. We also got something extra to drink. For example tea, coffee or soda.




When we arrived in England, we first went to our apartment. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to check in yet, because it was way too early. Normally you are allowed to check in around three o’clock in the afternoon, but we arrived there around 10:30.  We first went with our rental car to the city Southampton. In this city was a huge shopping mall, named Westquay. This shopping mall had around hundreds of different stores. I didn’t buy anything here, because I couldn’t pay attention. What I noticed, is that the prices in England are a lot higher. For just a clothing you pay a lot more very fast. The price sounds attracting in pounds, but when you calculate that in euros, then the price sounds way less attracting.




In Southampton weren’t only shopping malls, but also monuments and zebras. Yes, you hear it right, zebras. I saw these zebras like everywhere. These coloured statues weren’t only in the shape of a zebra, but also in other animals, like a hippo. In Southampton were a lot of monuments for the Titanic, but also monuments for world war one and for a fire. On all these monuments were the names of the victims, but I don’t think this were all the names of all the victims, because unfortunately, all the deads were a lot more.


That day, we also went to another shopping mall, but I don’t know the name of this mall anymore (oops!). We did some groceries at Mark & Spencer, pfoe this store is so expensive, compares to the other supermarkets.




The second day in Southampton we went to Westquay waterfront. This is a really big harbour with a lot of different cruise ships and other ships. It was very pretty here and it was also really beautiful weather.




Here some other pictures of Westquay waterfront. This wasn’t only a harbour, but also a city with a lot of different monuments and buildings. Finally, we came back in the city of Southampton.


This day we parked at the Ikea, *throwback to Holland*. Actually, we needed to walk pretty far to Westquay waterfront, but on the way back we found a shorter version of the route. The English buildings are so beautiful. They look like a bigger version of the Amsterdam buildings.




As I already said, there were a lot of monument in Southampton. I don’t know if that is also the deal in other places, because I write this in the apartment of Southampton. It would be pretty odd if you can only find these monument in Southampton, because now it looks like, these tragic events only happened in Southampton. Still, it is very beautiful that they put these monument were placed in memory of all the victims.



We also visited Ocean Village. This lays close to Westquay Waterfront, but they wanted to give a special name to this ‘city’. Here was a beautiful harbour as well (actually the same harbour as we saw at Westquay Waterfront).




The harbours in Southampton were pretty big of course, but the ships laid pretty close next to each other. Sometimes I ask myself how these ships can sail away, but that’s probably only me.





We walked quite a while, but unfortunately we crashed into a dead end. We needed to walk via a industry area. Finally we came in an area where were a lot of old buildings. Pretty odd to be honest. You walk a bit out of the city and you immediately walk into the Middle Ages.







Unfortunately, some monuments were behind fences or roads. I understand it tho. You don’t want these beautiful monuments to get drew with graffiti or get destroyed. In this little open church were some monument of the Titanic and also from the Falklands war.

Some day I want to make a trip on a cruise ship. I hope I won’t get sea sick. Cruise ships are so beautiful and big, love it!

This article became longer than I thought. I’ve made a lot of pictures and I really enjoyed this trip. Did you think this article was helpful and did you like the pictures. Tips are always welcome!


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