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I’ve finally arrived at the last place, London. Everyone knows London, a beautiful busy city where you can see a lot. I looked around in London and I really enjoyed it. Curious what I’ve visited?

picadilly circus


Out of Bristol we went to London. We first needed to bring our car away and put the suitcases at the hotel, until we could go to London. In the hotel I went to drink some starbucks, because my father needed to bring the car away. We also found out that we forgot our Oyster cards, so we needed to buy two daycards. First we walked all the way to the airport, but we couldn’t do this. We needed to take the bus to he airport, but fortunately, this was free. On the airport we bought our day cards and we went to the underground. The trip took around an hour, what is pretty long. Around 2:30 we arrived in London Picadilly Circus.

trafalgar square


Out of Picadilly Circus we walked to the M&M store. Here we noticed that we walked the wrong way, so we walked directly the other way. We now walked to trafalgar square, where we could see the National Gallery. This building is so pretty, but unfortunately they were doing some renovations. At the right sides the building was all packed in. We didn’t go into the National Gallery, because we only were in London for two days. Actually it didn’t even come up in my mind to go inside.

national gallery


Too be honest I think the National Gallery looks a bit like a building of a movie.. Night at the museum! I don’t know if it is in my memory like that, but I have the feeling this building and the environment looks a lot like the movie. Outside the museum there was also a dino outside.. So you will never know..




When you walk a bit further, away from Trafalgar Square, then you will see a building with roman signs. What kind of building this is, don’t ask me. You have to pass the street a lot of times to reach this building and crossing the streets in London is really hard. I still ask myself if the National Gallery museum isn’t the “Night in the Museum” museum..



If you love horses then you really need to go to this. Okay, there aren’t really real horses here (only horse poop), but there are a couple of beautiful statues of horses here and you can also walk on a huge sand ground. This was a building of the parlement and there were even guards standing in front of this building with a sword. I don’t know if that sword means something, because a lot of other weapons exist now, but well for the idea..


I think this is a really special statue. Most of the time you only see statues of men who fought in the war, that’s really pretty of course, but you pretty much never see statues of women who sacrifice their lifes to make an end to the war. There were a lot of women, who fought in the war and they really earn a beautiful monument.



When we walked away from Trafalgar Square, then we could see the Big Ben. This is really one of my favorite sights. I don’t know why, but I think because he is so big.



We walked to the Big Ben and we saw another building of the parlement. I stood super dangerous on the way to make a picture of this building, but that was definitely worth it. Do you see the picture of the board ‘Westminster Station’? I didn’t take this picture on purpose, because I just wanted to make a simple photo of the board, so I knew where I’ve been to. I think this is a really cool picture and also a really spontaneous one.


Big ben

Oké, Big Ben incoming. As I already said, I really love the Big Ben and he looks so pretty. We needed to cross the street two times to get to the church (is this a church?).



The police agents looked immediately at me, because I tried to make a picture of something. Sorry, but I really need to get a bit closer to make a photo. I don’t climb on the fence or something.. I’m just a tourist.





I promise that this is the last picture I show of the Big Ben, but I admit this is really a beautiful building, Unfortunately, you couldn’t go in here, because I definitely know that this is as beautiful as he looks at the outside.

St. James Park


After the Big Ben we walked through the St James’s Park to Buckingham Palace. In this park you could see a part of the Buckingham Palace and of course the statue what is in front of it.

Buckingham palace


Buckingham Palace is a palace with a busy tourist crowd in front of it. I couldn’t see a lot and I literally needed to push myself through the crowd to make a picture. An end away there was a spot free, without people pushing me, because they didn’t see me.



To pass the street to the park what is next to Buckingham Palace and because we were too lazy to wait in front of the traffic light, we just ran across it. A bit dangerous, but to wait thirty minutes in front of a traffic light, that’s a bit non sense.


The next day we went with the underground to London again. We stepped out the underground on Hyde Park, a park what is close to Oxford Street. We wanted to shop at Oxford Street, where we went the other day as well. I wanted to visit Forever 21 and Pull & Bear. I really succeeded at Forever 21, but I couldn’t find Pull & Bear..


This beautiful statue stood on the Harrods. Harrods is a warehouse with a lot of expensive stuff, not really something for me. I know when I went to London two years ago, that the windows were all decorated, what was really beautiful. The windows were all in the Christmas ambiance and London with Christmas is really beautiful.



Finally we went with the bus to the London Bridge. Not that successful, because we stood more in the traffic jam, than we actually rood, but yeah for the idea. When you sit in the bus in London, then you see so much more than you go with the underground. Meanwhile I was playing some Pokémon to get some kilometres and that worked really wel.. Finally we needed to step out of the bus, because the bus stood completely in the traffic jam. We just walked a bit farther and that’s was a really good plan.

millennium bridge

Finally we came across the spot where we slept in a hotel two years ago. We walked past the Cathedral where I don’t know the name of. We also walked across the Millennium Bridge, I have no idea why this bridge is so famous, but yeah whatever.. From this bridge we could see a small part of the London Bridge. So beautiful!


Because of the crowd we came across more people and these beautiful lights. At the left side sat a man sitting with a trumpet where fire came out. Special..



From two different bridges I’ve made pictures of the London Bridge. We didn’t come close to the London Bridge, because this took ages to walk. Fortunately, I have an amazing zoom function, so that will work.



As last we went to a building where you could go six floors high and then you could see a beautiful view above the city of London. This is really a big recommendation to see a last look of the city London.




I promised that I won’t show any pictures of the Big Ben, but look at that! The London Eye and the Big Ben together. I needed to zoom in a lot to make this kind of picture, but you could also see it with the naked eye.


This was the last article of the England articles. Did you read the last articles and would you like to make a trip through the South of England? Let me know ;).


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