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The second place we went to with our trip through the South of England was Kingsteignton. We stayed here, but we also visited other places which were close to Kingsteignton, like Torquay and Teignmouth.



After a long time sitting in the car (see: five hours!), we finally reached our hotel in Kingsteignton. This long trip happened, because we first drove through The New Forest (I recommend that!) and after that we were stuck in a traffic jam.






The first day we didn’t do much, because it was raining so hard and it was pretty late. The second day we went to the city Teignmouth. A beautiful city, with many art and a beautiful beach.




In Teignmouth you could walk six kilometres long, next to the railway and next to the beach. At the left side laid the rail and at the right side laid the beach and the water. We walked on a pretty high wall and when it became tide it could reach the wall. We didn’t walk six kilometres, because we needed to walk back as well. For the real walkers this is a big recommendation, because you can see a train riding next to mountains and the beach, that looks really incredible.





I wouldn’t go to Teignmouth for the stores. You can find art here and for the kids it is a real play paradise. You can find a couple of food stores and churches here, but the famous stores or just stores aren’t here.









Besides art, you can also find monuments like in Southampton. Every monument in every city, is dedicated to that city. The monuments which I saw in Southampton, were only dedicated to the city Southampton. The monuments which you see on the photos above, are special dedicated to Teignmouth.




What got my attention in England, is that you have to pay for everything. I can understand it for museums or other similar things, but a pier (that’s how you call it right?), I think that doesn’t make sense. Look, at a pier you can only walk a bit farther to look over the water. It’s only a spot of water and the view isn’t that much better. It doesn’t make sense that you need to pay an entrance price per person, but well..



Teignmouth is famous because of his many art pieces. You can walk here next to the water on the beach and it’s also free (!) to take a look at these art pieces. This place is amazing for the kids and you can spend a couple of hours here.




I already said it, but do you know how confusing it is, that you have to look at a photo and think where this photo is made? This photo is (supposedly, thanks dad) made in Plymouth. Here was a beautiful fire watch and a beautiful (and busy!) beach. There was an event going on here, so I couldn’t make many pictures here. I think it’s so impolitely to make a picture where some stranger is on, but sometimes that happens.





Plymouth is a beautiful place to visit. I’m very happy that I’ve visited this place, because wow, what a huge monument. There were hundreds of names on this monument. All names and professions who fought in world war two. So sad that there were so many people who needed to give their life, so we can live in peace. If these people weren’t there, then we could never live in peace and we need to be aware of that.


Sometimes I look at a picture and then I have no idea where and when I made this. I think that this picture is made in Plymouth, probably because this is the only stylish building, which I saw.





We crashed into these beautiful horses in the Dartmoor National Park. This place is seriously (!!!) a recommendation to go to. You can walk between all these horses (on your own risk!) and there is seriously beautiful nature. I saw a group of young kids sitting close to these horses, but these horses didn’t like that. I don’t recommend standing close to these horses, but maybe you’re lucky.




We wanted to eat a piece of bread close to the horses, but unfortunately some group of boys were sitting here. We walked downstairs and we crashed into the most beautiful spot. There was water flowing here in little waves and you could sit here at the sides of the rocks to just stare at the water and drink a bit. I had the feeling that this was a secret special spot, but other people came here as well. Luckily they went away pretty fast. Some people jumped in the river with a inflatable boat, but I didn’t think this was the best plan. There were a lot of rocks laying in the water and then someone comes up to float in the river with a weak inflatable boat.



After we visited the other cities on a wide range, we went to Torquay. Torquay is a big and busy city, further there is nothing to tell about this city. The city has a lot of grey buildings and of course a lot of stores. If you really want to shop, then this city is really pretty to visit, but for example if you want to make beautiful pictures then I won’t recommend this place. There is a difference between a shop city and a city, where all people are walking and crashing into each other, to buy the last sale items.





This was one of the calmer and beautiful spots of Torquay. Unfortunately there were seagulls here and I hate seagulls. I accomplished to make a couple of beautiful pictures of the boats, until the seagulls flight to me and chased me away, run!

These were a couple of the many places I’ve visited in the South of England. Did you read the article of Southampton

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