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England diary | Cornw

Written by Celine

2 September 2016

Cornwall is famous because of his beautiful nature and tropical climate. That’s seriously true, because Cornwall looked beautiful. For sure a recommendation to go to, but what can you see here? Today you can read my recommendations and also my what I don’t recommend.


Fortunately, we didn’t have to travel for a long time to Cornwall. The trip took around two hours and that’s not that much compared to last time’s five hours. The first thing we visited was this  beautiful church. Where this church was, don’t ask me. I only know that parking here was really expensive, but that’s it.





The next day we went to this beautiful walking route. This was close to the city Lizard and you could walk here to Lizard Point. You could watch seadogs here, if you were lucky. Unfortunately, we weren’t that lucky, so we didn’t see one. It was still really pretty to walk here and we spend a couple of hours here. You could also park here for free.




At Lizard Point was also a white firewatch. You could do a lot of activities for children. You could also climb this firewatch and according to the board it was the only firewatch where you could do this. Lizard Point is the perfect place to make pictures, but it is also good to walk or enjoy the view. It is also a nice walking route for dogs. I saw a dog chasing a seagull and that dog really loved it. I




It was ebb, so we could walk on the rocks. Pay attention that you don’t wear flipflops or other bad shoes, because then you slip away. I assume you can think about that yourself as well, when you walk. that you don’t wear bad shoes. There was also a small restaurant close and I also saw people living in this nature area. Pretty weird and odd that you live that close to a tourist attraction, but well, maybe someone else loves it.



It looks like there lays snow on this rocks, but fortunately the weather was beautiful. I couldn’t see seadogs of course, but I could see other beautiful animals, like this bird and of course a lot of seagulls. If you don’t love seagulls (as I do!), then you can still walk here. Most of the time they lay in the water and most of the time they don’t fly above your head..




From Lizard we went to Land’s end. Before we arrived at Land’s end, we saw a surfing beach. We parked here and after that we walked down the mountain to enjoy the beach. We walked pretty far down, but we didn’t went farther, because we needed to walk a lot. Walking down is easy, but you also need to go up. We got this as a confirmation of a men, who walked exhausted up the mountain. Imagine, you surfed the whole day and you are totally exhausted..




What I don’t understand of this kind of beach, why would you surf here when there are hundreds of people who bump against you. You can’t surf then right? I understand that the lifeguards, want you to stay in the middle of the flags, but how can you surf then? I know that I once went with my board in the water, but I couldn’t move, because there were so many people swimming here.




Normally I don’t post pictures of me or my family on my blog, but I want to change that. On this picture you see me and my brother. Sometimes we get called ‘twin’, but we aren’t twins. The views was so beautiful here, I really miss this.

land's end


After we got blew away, we drove to Land’s end. This was two kilometres farther and we could walk this easily. We needed to pay six pounds to park here and this was also our entrance ticket. Pretty expensive for a parkingticket, but well, it was really beautiful here. In Portugal we also went to a Land’s end, so this was a pretty reminder of our trip.





I don’t have to say much about this view. We walked here quite a while and there was a lot of wind. Normally I also wear my hair loose, but I did my hair in a ponytail fast for a change. Not that charming to have messy hair of course.




Do you know what would be awesome, if you could dive here. Although, it would be a little bit dangerous with the rocks and the waves.

On the third day in Lostwithiel, we went to St Eve’s Avenue. We drove around two hours, what I think is pretty much. Finally we arrived in St Eve’s, but then you need to find a spot to park your car. The two boards of the parking areas already said that both were full. We drove a bit farther to the city, but after a while we saw a board ‘restricted area’. Well, very nice that a board like this is next to the road, but we couldn’t turn! The car in front of us thought that as well, we couldn’t do anything else then driving into the ‘restricted area’.

Finally we arrived in the middle of the city. Imagine a side road of Amsterdam, it was very small here as well. It was that small that you couldn’t drive through this with a car, pretty logical eh that board ‘restricted area’. We couldn’t do anything else then driving through these streets. There were also some people walking in these streets, they needed to stand with their backs to the wall, so we could pass them with our car. Of course they were looking at it, why is there a car driving in this small city, but we weren’t the only one with a car.

After a while driving around, we ended in an alley, but we thought this was the exit. First we needed to pass a truck, who also opened the doors, because yeah, it wasn’t small enough. After we passed the truck, we saw a car coming from the other side, so we needed to pass the truck again but now backwards..

After we passed the car, we saw another obstacle. We needed to make a turn so we could get into a street, it was close but we could get in. It was very hard (see: millimetre work), to make a turn. We put the navigation on and we drove with a lot of effort out of the city. No St Eve’s for us.


After a small drive through St. Eve, we needed to catch a breath of fresh air on a beach. We ended on the beautiful beach named Phillack. It was ebb, so we could walk pretty far, until we crashed into the water. Would be something, if it suddenly turns into tide behind you and that we needed to ran to keep our shoes dry.. This ones happened, but this time it didn’t.



After we drove a couple of rounds, we discovered this ‘secret’ place. There was no one here and the parking spot was empty as well. Unfortunately you couldn’t get down, otherwise I would spend my afternoon sitting here.



Actually this was a dead end, but we just drove (the same as we did at St. Eve). This time it was very good that we kept driving, because we’ve found this beautiful spot. If I would live closer to this place, I would definitely picknick here.



It looks like these rocks are fake. Like a sort of paper-maché. I think it is always sad that you can’t get close, but fortunately I have my camera who can zoom in around 65 times.



Okay, I didn’t see any sea dogs on Lizard, but I spotted a sea dog in Newquay. He was so big! I thought that sea dogs were way smaller, but that isn’t the deal. He was searching for some fish and searched all the boats. Some boats gave fish, but some boats didn’t, so he swam away fast from these boats. First the sea dog was a bit farther away, but after a while he swam a bit closer, so we could make a lot of nice pictures.

Damn, it became such a long article, but I couldn’t do anything else because of this beautiful Cornwall. I really recommend going to Cornwall, because you can do way more there.

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