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England Diary | Bris

Written by Celine

23 September 2016

Bristol is completely different, than the other places I’ve visited. I’ve visited Bristol and Bath. Two big cities with both beautiful buildings. Curious what I’ve seen?



The first day we went to the city Bristol. We planned a whole day for this. The other was meant for Bath. Bristol is really big and sometimes we really needed to search for things. Sometimes we walked through really small streets, under dirty bridges and also a couple of ghetto streets. That didn’t look really nice, but finally we’ve found a lot of beautiful places.




After a while walking through the ghetto streets and dirty bridges, we found a couple of beautiful bridges. There was a guy here who warned us for some glass pieces. If we were in Holland, then nobody would warn us. I really notice that the people are so nice in England.





As you could read in the other blog posts probably, the weather was beautiful. There were a couple of parks here. but those were pretty far away from the city. There were a lot of monuments here of course, as you  could read in the other blog posts as well. Where the monument stood for, I really don’t know. Maybe it was just a statue.




Where we all walked to, I won’t know. We found a lot of beautiful things. There were boats here as well. This time they could sail away.




In this beautiful church we were allowed to make some beautiful pictures. There were a couple of ladies in the church who were really nice to us. They asked were we came from and she gave us a couple of tips to go to. She also called Bath, where we wanted to go to the other day. There were also people buried in the church. It was very surprising how young the people died here. Some even on my age.



This is the outside of the church. The church was build in the year 1800 or even earlier.



As last we walked to another park and after that we walked back to the city. In the city we went to a couple of stored and as last we went back to home. We walked a lot and we spent a lot of hours here.



In Bath we went to a Roman bathhouse. The entrance price was a bit high, but it was definitely worth it. First I thought the bathhouse was pretty small, but I had this wrong.



The bathhouse lays in the middle of the city. The bathhouse was buried and there is a lot more buried under the city. There are a lot of beautiful statues and they came out of the time of the Romans.



Okay, the water doesn’t look that nice. Fortunately, nobody went to swim here. At the entrance we got a really weird phone. Here we could listen to information in our own language. A lot of information about the bathhouse, but also about the time earlier. The water had a hot water source, but they didn’t take good care of it.





Voldermort is also here. I don’t know from who those statues are, but they were probably really special for the bathhouse. The statues looked really good and especially, because there were buried with sand.



There wasn’t one bath, but there were different baths. The people who wanted to wash their selfs here had a lot of choice.



After a while I figured out that you could put headphones in the phone. This was almost at the end, but I still tried this.



In the building you could see a lot of different archeological findings. On the boards stood a lot of information and you could see videos as well. Here played some actors and they played how it was earlier.





Enough things to see of course. We spent around four hours here and then we didn’t even see the city Bath. There was so much to see and I wanted to hear all the information I could hear.





At the end you were allowed to drink a cup of ‘clear’ water. Well, it tasted so strange. I had the feeling that I was drinking a piece of iron and after a bit I threw it away. I saw everyone’s face looking like ‘ew’ when they drank the cup. Well.. I can relate.



The city Bath is seriously so beautiful. Really a huge recommendation to go to. There are so many people playing music here, the other more beautiful then the other.



Bath is seriously amazing. The buildings are so beautiful, but there don’t look really different. It’s look like you ran into a different century and that’s so pretty. You come here with the car and you walk upstairs and walk into a different century.

Did you enjoy the photos of Bath? A beautiful city with beautiful buildings.


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I am Celine. Enthusiastic, passionated and a bit perfectionistic, but I especially love blogging. Sharing my beauty and fashion tips was always something I loved to do. Go to my about me page to get to know me.

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