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E.L.F Beautybook | Review

A while ago, I’ve received an Amazon gift card. I didn’t know what to do with this and that’s why I put it away. On a certain moment, I remembered myself I could also buy makeup on Amazon. Very handy, because in America everything is cheaper. This is why I have bought an E.L.F palette with around 40 colors for only 8 euros. Curious about this E.L.F Beautybook? Then read this blog.

E.L.F Beautybook

This is the palette. I think the packaging of this palette is very cute. It is like a little book, totally in black. Besides that, the palette contains a lot of colors and is perfect to take with you on holiday. The palette has the size of my hand.

E.L.F Beautybook

This E.L.F beautybook contains a lot of different colors and all colors are super pretty. If you already have a couple of palettes, then I don’t recommend this palette, because it contains a lot of normal colors. This palette is perfect for starters.


These are a couple of the swatches from this palette. As you can see, the colors don’t contain a lot of pigment. Some colors do have some pigment, but others don’t contain any pigment. I have only made a couple of swatches because forty swatches on my arm is a bit of exaggerated. Besides that, the colors look a lot alike.

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I can be pretty difficult to make an eye look with this palette. I think that if you are used to using better palettes, that this palette is nothing for you. If you are just starting with makeup then this is a big recommendation. There are a lot of colors in this palette and that is perfect to experiment with.

What do you think of this E.L.F. Beauty Book?


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