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Wonder Balm | The perfect product against dry lips!

The winter is coming and that means dry lips. Yikes. I think dry lips are worse than dry skin and especially when I am in school, I get very dry lips. That’s not very ideal when I want to wear a nice lipstick for example. Today I test four natural wonder balm lip balms from Beauty Kitchen.

Wonder Balm

Wonder Balm

These are the four Beauty Kitchen Wonder Balms. They are enriched with cacao butter and they promise that your lips get super soft after you’ve used these balms. Wonder Balm offers a lot of choices, like the essential oils enriched variants like Love Me, Inspire Me and Refresh Me. If you don’t like that, then the Free from Wonder Balm is perfect for you. This one is fragrance-free, specially made for the sensitive skin and doesn’t contain any beeswax. If you are vegan, then this lip balm is perfect for you.

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Refresh Me Wonder Balm

First, this was really my favorite. It smelled delicious out of the can and I think the color is amazing. When I applied it on my lips, it smelled like detergent. I know you are not supposed to eat this, but when you are enjoying some Dutch cookies and suddenly you taste detergent, then some question marks appear in front of my eyes. So, I am not too enthusiastic about this color.

Love Me Wonder Balm

This lip balm needs to smell like sweet cinnamon. This one smells like cinnamon very lightly and not too overwhelming. Also, this lip balm works exactly the same as the last lip balm. Your lips are pretty greasy and all the dry bits disappear immediately.

Inspire Me Wonder Balm

This isn’t really my favorite smell. In contrary to the last color, this is a bit overwhelming. When I try on this lip balm I just need to think about that substance you need to put on your body to prevent mosquito bites. It doesn’t sound nice to me to put that on my lips.

Free From Wonder Balm

Secretly, this is my favorite. Fragrance-free and actually perfect to bring it in my bag. These cans have a content of 12 grams and fit perfectly in my bag. I will definitely put this one in my bag to take care of my lips when I am traveling.

These cans only cost 3.99 and I don’t think that’s expensive. They all contain natural ingredients and really make sure your lips are free of any dry bits. Definitely a recommendation!

You can buy these lip balms at Holland & Barrett!

Do you think these packages are cute as well?


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