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Have you ever thought about whipping up your own DIY hair mask? My recipe is really is simple to make and will infuse your strands with hair-loving vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. I use it a lot during the winter when my hair feels extra dry, and then every other week during the summer.


Using avocado in a hair mask can help restore your hair’s natural moisture, making it shiny and supple. It is packed with nutrients such as Vitamin A, B6, D and E, magnesium, copper, iron and folic acid.

Massaging it into your scalp can help unclog blocked hair follicles to stimulate new hair growth, and also nourishes and strengthens your roots. Avocado also contains amino acids and antioxidants and can protect your hair from styling and environmental damage.


Applying banana to your hair can help repair and condition your strands, making them soft, smooth and shiny. It contains natural oils, vitamins, potassium, zinc, iron and folate, and can help restore your hair’s natural elasticity.

It’s a great way of reviving hair that feels dry and dull and moisturizes strands to improve split ends. You can also use it to gently exfoliate your scalp and get rid dead skin cells to promote healthier skin and hair follicles.

Coconut Milk

Much like coconut oil, coconut milk can be very beneficial for your hair and can help stimulate new hair growth. It provides nourishment from root to tip and contains a variety of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.

It has excellent moisturizing properties and acts as a natural detangler and deep conditioner. Also, it provides a cooling sensation on your scalp and can help get rid of dandruff and heal minor skin infections.  

Coconut Oil

Applying coconut oil on your hair can help make it shiny, manageable and healthy. It’s rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, medium chain fatty acids and other nutrients, and also has natural antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Coconut oil can be used to condition all hair types and can help reduce hair loss due to washing, brushing and styling. It’s also a natural way to protect your hair from damage due to exposure to heat and chemicals.

Olive Oil

For stronger, healthier hair that feels smooth and shiny, all you need us a tablespoon of olive oil. It’s a great way of smoothing brittle ends, and can also tame frizz and flyaways. It contains oleic acid, palmitic acid, squalene, Vitamin A and Vitamin E.

It can do wonders for your hair by working as a natural emollient. You can also use olive oil to reduce the buildup of sebum on your scalp and soften up dandruff flakes so they’re easier to remove.


– 1/2 Avocado

– 1/2 Banana

– 50 ml Coconut Milk

– 2 tbsp Coconut Oil

– 1 tbsp Olive Oil


Blend all the ingredients together to make a smooth paste. If your mixture is lumpy it will be harder to rinse out later, so it’s best to use a blender instead of a fork.

Spread the mask all over your hair and massage it into your scalp. Make sure you work all the way down to the ends where your hair is driest.

Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes. You can leave it on longer if you like, but it’s best not to let the mixture dry completely. If I have time, I relax in the tub with a good book. Otherwise, I use a shower cap to capture any drips and get on with other things.

When you’re ready, wash your hair with a gentle shampoo and condition as usual. Once your hair is dry, it should feel smooth and soft and look shinier than ever.

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Louisa Rose is from Cologne, Germany. She runs Body Health Love, where she blogs about health and beauty advice for young women. Checkout her latest post where she writes a ghd platinum flat Iron review.


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