Dilemma! Blanket or bathrobe?

A couple of weeks ago, I asked a couple of bloggers if they wear bathrobes. Maybe a weird questions, but I always love a nice cosy blanket on the couch. It is super clumsy when the blanket is too short or when you can’t bring him everywhere. That’s why I was searching for a nice and cosy(!) bathrobe. I’ve found one and also for a nice price!

My new bathrobe

The bathrobe is really cosy and also really soft. I think it is a pretty cool design. You know those onesies with those tails and of course ears. The only disadvantage of that onesie is, that you can’t undress yourself easily. When you want to go to the toilet for example, then you need to undress the whole onesie. Clumsy!

I’ve got this bathrobe from the Hunkemoller for a price of 25 euros. A pretty cool price for a bathrobe which I use daily. Normally I have size S or M, but with this bathrobe I have a M/L. You would probably think now, isn’t it too big?! Well that’s not really the case. The bathrobe is pretty long, but I love that. It is also not too tight and you want that with a bathrobe right?! You can buy a really cosy bathrobe, but when he doesn’t fit, then you still have nothing.

Hmm, maybe a blanket?

Sometimes the ears or a bit clumsy. When you sit on the couch for example, then the ears stick in your back. You can put the hood a bit higher of course, so the ears don’t stick in your back. The hood is pretty big, so you can wear it easily.

Do you have those moments, when you just want to drown in your blanket? With this bathrobe it is an amazing experience! When I lay on the couch, then I can hide in the bathrobe and that’s so cosy!

I think I choose for the bathrobe for the winter days, but for a blanket for the summer or autumn days.

What do you prefer? A blanket or a bathrobe?  


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