Did I graduate or not?

You probably know it already. I officialy graduated and now I am allowed to study at the Vrije Universiteit at the study “Communication Information Studies“. But how did this go? How have I been called and how did I hear I graduated? In this blog I tell how this day was. So, did I graduate or not?

Did I graduate?

I woke up pretty late, around half past nine. At eight in the morning the n-terms would be published. Actually, I wasn’t planning on checking the n-terms, because I was just too nervous. I opened my Whatsapp in the morning and the first thing I saw were the n-terms. Amazing. I needed a n-term of 0.6 for French and a n-term of 1.4 for Spanish. Two weeks ago, I checked three subjects, French, English and Spanish. English was already sufficient, so I wasn’t worried about that. The n-term of French was 0.6 and the n-term of Spanish was 1.4. So, good enough. Nailed it.


Now the waiting game bagan. My counselor would start calling from half past two and the waiting game wasn’t nice at all. I saved two episodes of Love Island to watch, but after these two episodes I just walked around the house waiting on the phone call. The n-terms of maths and economy were very low and I didn’t expect that at all. Because of these n-terms I became even more nervous.

At 15:40 my counselor called me. I finally graduated! My counselor said all my grades, but I didn’t hear that at all. I was super happy that I graduated and I am not going to do an exam again.

Have you received such an amazing phone call as well? 


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