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Denim skirt with striped shirt | Outfit

For a long time, I was against skirts. I actually thought skirts were always too short and I didn’t know what to do with it. When I came across this denim skirt with buttons in America, I just immediately wanted it. Curious how I combine this denim skirt? Then read this blog.

Denim skirt from Forever 21

The reason why I bought this denim skirt is that it doesn’t crawl up. Most skirts crawl up and I just don’t like pulling it down all the time. With this skirt that isn’t the case.


You can combine the skirt very easily. The skirt has a neutral color, whereby I like to combine it with a striped shirt. Of course, you can combine the skirt with everything and that’s why you can also combine it with a neutral shirt. The skirt has brown buttons, so it is nice to combine it with a brown shirt. I don’t have a brown shirt myself, so I will definitely look at a brown top or a brown shirt to wear with this skirt.

The only disappointing thing about this skirt is that at the top it opens. This is not that bad of course, because you can’t see anything through that hole, but I prefer it closed. The buttons are really nice and it gives the skirt something extra.

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I have bought this denim skirt at Forever 21 for 12 dollars. That’s around 10 euros. At Forever 21 you have a lot of these skirts, so if you are looking for a skirt, but then in another color, then I definitely recommend Forever 21.  Do you want this denim skirt? Then check out Forever 21 as well. On the website of Forever 21, the skirt costs 16 euros. If you want it for around 10 euros, then you may need to go to the store.

What do you think of this denim skirt?


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