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Dear companies: We don’t give free promotion


Pff.. The companies who think that they can get free promotion everywhere and anywhere. I often get emails from companies who are searching for a cooperation, nice of course. After I got the email, I email the company back where they are interested in and if they have any budget or another way to pay. I often get emails back that they don’t have a budget unfortunately, but they really want to promote the article on their socialmedia profiles. They also have a requirement that they want three follow links which need to be in the article and more.

Well, I’m really sorry, but I don’t do that. Look, when I buy a protect in a store for example and when I write an article about that, then of course it’s promotion, but the then I use the product for personal use. Also, when I review that kind of products, then I don’t put any follow links in the article. These follow links are really valuable for companies. I don’t have a problem to write an article with follow links, but I only write those articles when I get a product or another kind of payment.

Then you also have those companies who think they can offer you a protect and then you can write an article about that. Well, I really love to do that, especially when it is a make-up or another kind of beauty product. I only get a bit disappointed when the products’ value is only like two euros or when they only give you a sample to first see how your writing style is. Well, if you want to see my writing style then you can look at my more than 400 articles.

I don’t care about the money or the product I get. I care about the respect you get from the company. They think that bloggers are just simple writers, who can write an article in less than fifteen minutes and who does everything for nothing. Think about it, you get a email from someone who wants you to work in a restaurant. Do you do this without any kind of payment?

I think it’s pretty odd when companies email you without having any kind of budget or something else. What do you think of companies who want free promotion?english

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