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I was looking for some white corduroy trousers for a long time. These were unfindable and when I found them, they were really expensive. With Black Friday I have bought a lot and one of my purchases were these beautiful corduroy trousers. You read more about these trousers in this article.

Corduroy trousers

Corduroy broek Corduroy broek

These are the corduroy trousers I am talking about. The pants are a bit oversized, but that’s pretty obvious because it is a mom fit. I am 165cm and that’s perfect qua length. Normally pants are a bit too long, but this one is actually perfect. For girls who are a bit taller, then these pants aren’t suitable.

Corduroy broek Corduroy broek

I bought these pants in size 36 and they fit almost perfectly. At my waist, these pants are a bit loose. The pants fit perfectly around my legs and the rest of my body, so that’s very nice. Normally I have size 34/36 as a size in terms of pants. So I advise you to just buy the same size as what you always wear. From my experience, the pants of Pull & Bear are half a size bigger, so you also need to take that into account.

In addition, I bought these pants in the color “stone”. A bit crazy name for a color, but it is actually just a beige color. Finally, the pants are made of cotton, which feels really nice.

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Corduroy broek Corduroy broek Corduroy broek

You can buy these pants here. Are you curious to these heels? Then you can buy these here. This nice pants only cost 20 euros and it is definitely worth it.

These heels currently cost 16 euros, what is definitely a bargain. I have bought these shoes for only 12 euros because I got some discount on Blck Friday. Definitely make sure you buy these heels fast if you want them because they will sell out fast. I have bought these shoes in size 36 and I have got these heels in size 36. These shoes are definitely true to size.

What do you think of these corduroy trousers?


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