Concert experience: 5


Probably nobody knows it, but I went to 5SOS last week. It was amazing and that’s the reason why I write a nice article about it.

I had amazing seats seriously. In the Ziggodome are mostly seats and there is a little spot to stand. If you want seats, then you could choose for seats on the ‘ring’ and seats on the ground. I’ve chosen for the seats on the ‘ring’, because when you just sit on the ground then it just looked like you had standing spots. Especially when you had a spot in H (all the way in the back), then you couldn’t see much. Then you could better just listen to the music on your phone.


On the photo above you see a photo which I made at the concert. I know, not really that bright, but now you can see how my view was while I was enjoying the concert. I had a seat in spot 111 and 15 high, a pretty good place.

It was an amazing evening and I seriously want to go another time. 5SOS doesn’t only sing, but they communicate with there listeners aswell. Now you really get the feeling that you are home and that they know you.

Did you go to a concert aswell?

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