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Last week I have heard that I graduated and that means that I am allowed to go study at a university next week. I am going to study Communication Information Studies at a university in Amsterdam. I have signed up for it for a while now, but now I can officially say I am going to study.

Matching at Communication Information Studies

Two weeks ago I had the matching of my study. From this came that I am suitable for this study and I am super happy about that. We needed to make a test about the influence of shocking pictures on cigarette packs. This test was pretty hard, but I still have a degree of 8/10. I was super happy with that of course.

What does this study mean?

With this study, you can go a lot of ways. You need to choose out of five different directions after 6 months: Language Learning and Language Teaching, Language and Media, Journalistics, Language, media and society, and English language and communication studies. The first two and the last one are in English and the third and fourth are in Dutch. I think I will go for journalistic, but actually, all directions suit me (instead of the first one). With the first direction, you can become an English teacher and that’s nothing for me.

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Communication Information Studies

The other students

I have met all the Dutch students at the matching. Some will probably not follow the study, but most will. Besides that, I will meet the international students during the introductions day, well I hope so. It would be weird if I will meet them on the first school day. I am super excited to meet all the new people and make new friends and memories.

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On my blog, I will definitely write about my new study frequently. These will be published on Fridays and will be part of my personal updates. I am super excited to study Communication Information Studies.

Which study do you do or what study are you going to do?


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    Good luck next year! I’m glad you got in, an 8 is an amazing grade! Unlike you I am currently enrolled in the English teacher course although I did not know you could also do that through the communication way! I am curious to read more about your study!

    30 June 2018 at 15:13
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