Combinating blog and school, easy or not?


I know that alot of bloggers do this, combinating school and blog. I notice that I got alot of struggles with combinating these two things. Lots of learning work and homework and then I also need to write an article every week, so you guys have something fun to read. Also is my blog to relax and without a blog I would probably spend my time only on school. I can combinate my blog with school, but how?

First, I always work forward for school. When I got a free hour (believe me, I have alot!) and I don’t have something to do, then I work forward, so I have less to do in the busy weeks. Ofcourse I’m still really busy in those busy weeks, but a little bit less homework can’t do something wrong.

What I don’t do but what I need to do, is writing forward some articles. I’ll be honest, I really don’t want to, mostly because I don’t have inspiration then. My inspiration mostly comes out of nothing and writing forward articles don’t work for me. Mostly I write the article for Monday in the weekend and the article for Wednesday on Tuesday, but when I really have inspiration or I just want to write then I work forward ofcourse! It’s really nice when you have some articles planned in, that’s what I’m going to do for the bloginterviews, because I forget then always.

How you look at it, combinating blog and school isn’t easy. Ofcourse, when you don’t have homework or learning work and when you’re always early home from school then it is pretty easy ofcourse, but unfortunately that doesn’t exist! I need to take care that I always work forward with school, but also with articles. Now it is the perfect time ofcourse, because the May holidays are starting soon (see: I first need  to learn half a book from history out of my head and I also need to learn a Spanish book before the holidays start)

I didn’t mention the time what takes it to promote your posts on socialmedia. I struggle with this way more than writing the article. Mostly I can promote these articles on the day when the article is online and then I don’t have time. I mostly come home late from dance or school and it doesn’t really work to promote these articles late in the evening (ofcourse something is better than nothing!), fortunately I start to be better in promoting these articles.

What do you think? Is combinating school and blog easy or not at all? Where do you find the problem zones? With writing the article or promoting these posts on socialmedia? 

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