Clumsy things everyone has experienced

I am clumsy. Probably I have said this too many times, but I will repeat it one more time. Still, I say I am clumsy, but I never talk about my actions as a clumsy girl. That’s why it is time to talk about my clumsy actions..

Scrub in my hair

A while ago I’ve tried a scrub for my blog and next I thought it was a good plan to untie my hair. The result was that I didn’t have anything on my face anymore and literally everything was in my hair. Next, I didn’t have any time to shower and I smelled like coffee.

My bed

Next, I thought it was a good plan to test my face cream. Well, I sat next to my bed, instead of on my bed.

Face cream

I never can apply face cream in a normal way. Most of the time this goes wrong and ends in my hair. Sometimes I touch my iPad with this face cream or I forget to wash my hands.

onhandige dingen

Bumping your elbow against something more than 10 times

The door isn’t my best friend. I always bump my elbow against literally everything. Especially the door wants a hug frequently. Sometimes I have the feeling that the door just comes too close to me, but that isn’t the case. I question myself a lot how I can prevent this.

Brushing your teeth

That moment when you just brush your teeth and next your toothbrush falls out of your hand. Well.. Bye, bye toothpaste.

Makeup looks

And then we didn’t talk about makeup looks. Sometimes I just slip with my lipstick, eyeshadow and actually everything. Sometimes it is really annoying to be clumsy. I can never make beautiful makeup looks.

What clumsy things did you experience? 

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