Clothes I really need

I thought it was time for a wishlist. It gets warmer and I need to make place for some nice blouses. I love blouses so much and I definitely need a couple. I also have other clothes I definitely need. Curious which one?

Pull & Bear

The Pull & Bear comes in my city soon, so I started making a wishlist already haha.

  1. This is really a shirt for the summer, but it doesn’t hurt anyone if I buy it already. This shirt costs €17.99.
  2. I really love this style and I definitely want to buy this dress.  This dress costs €15.99.
  3. These are pretty normal pants, but high-waisted. These pants cost €19.99.
  4. I think this jumpsuit is really beautiful. This jumpsuit kost €19.99.
  5. I think I will get a couple of weird faces, but these pants are so nice. These pants cost €39.99. I hope I will find them in the sale haha!
  6. Another jumpsuit. This one is perfect for summer. This jumpsuit costs €35.99.

Forever 21

  1. I need more dresses in my life and how nice is this dress? This dress costs €16.00.
  2. Another nice, but simple blouse! This blouse costs €20.00.
  3. Another nice blouse! I definitely warned you that there would be a lot of blouses in this wishlist. This blouse costs €18.00.
  4. Oké, this is one of my favorites. I definitely need this blouse! This blouse costs €24.00
  5. A simple black dress, but super cute.  zwart jurkje, maar wel super leuk. This dress only costs €13.00.
  6. A super nice dress for summer. I never came across this colour in my closet. This dress costs €16.00.

  1. A super simple dress, but with long sleeves! I always need to wear a cardigan with a dress, but now I don’t have to anymore!  This dress costs € 29,99
  2. This dress is definitely beautiful and is super high on my wishlist. This dress costs € 39,99.
  3. A beautiful dress with lace! Also with long sleeves and I am searching for that for a long time.  This dress costs € 39,99
  4. This is a super nice vintage dress. When I look at this dress I think of  Marilyn Monroe. This dress costs € 14,99
  5. Another beautiful dress with long sleeves. I really get happy of this.  This dress costs € 24,99
  6. The last dress! A dress what I like somehow! This dress costs € 24,99.

What is definitely on your wishlist?  


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