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Cheap rose gold watch | (Only 2 euros!)

I am in love with watches.. I wanted to buy a rose gold watch but I could only find expensive watches. On a certain moment, I came across this rose gold watch for only 2 euros (including shipping costs!). Well, I thought this was too good to be true, but that wasn’t true. Curious about this cheap rose gold watch? You read that in this blog!

Cheap rose gold watch

Cheap rose gold watch Cheap rose gold watch

This is the watch where I am talking about. It is really a beautiful watch and I wasn’t expecting this at all. I was looking to other watches, for example, from Rosefield, but this costs more than 90 euros. When I came across this watch, I was so happy. This watch only costs 2 euros!

Cheap rose gold watch Cheap rose gold watch

I have very little wrists and that means that I can’t wear a watch or arm candy. This is very unfortunate and I actually always have to make the watch smaller, before I can wear it. I expected that this would be the case with this watch as well, but that wasn’t the case. The watch has a lot of holes, so actually, everyone can wear this watch. If you have very small wrists, then you just need to use the first hole and when you have bigger wrists, then you can use the last hole. Super easy!

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Cheap rose gold watch Cheap rose gold watch

Now it is the question where I have got this watch from. I have bought it from Aliexpress. I think Aliexpress always has beautiful things to buy for a very little price, but this really surprised me. This watch is definitely worth the two euros!

Are you looking for a cheap rose gold watch? Then you definitely have to check this one out!

What do you think of this gorgeous watch? I really love it!


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