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Cheap products from Action | Scrubs & more

Skincare products are one of my favorite products besides makeup. Also, budget products are one of my favorites. Today I test a couple of budget skin care products for you. Curious about these new cheap products from Action? Then check out this article.

Cheap products from Action

Cheap products from Action

Most of the time I don’t really have a first impression with products. With these products, I did have a first impression. The products are very colorful and they smell amazing. When I opened the package I already smelled the amazing smell and I that doesn’t happen to me often.

Shower gel

Cheap products from Action

This shower gel doesn’t foam much. To be honest, I think that’s really a pity because it smells really good. While I am typing this, my hands still smell really good and it stays on my skin for a long time.  This shower gel costs €1.30.

Body scrub gel

Cheap products from Action

Scrubs are one of my favorite skincare products. This scrub really surprised me. When I used this scrub under the shower, a mustard yellow substance came out of the tube. I expected a transparent scrub, but this wasn’t the case at all. I have used this scrub for my shoulders because I often have a dry skin there. My skin feels a lot softer now and I didn’t really expect this.

Honey body scrub

Cheap products from Action

This is one of my favorite products of this collection. I secretly hoped that this smell was also available in a body butter, but that wasn’t the case. Still, this scrub smells really good and the smell stays on my skin very long. Besides that, the scrub works pretty well. My skin is super soft and normally I have a very dry skin. This scrub only costs €2.50.

Cheap products from Action

I needed to laugh a lot from this scrub. The texture of this scrub really looks like the fake snow I tried a while ago. Still, the scrub applies super easily. You don’t need any water and I think that is very nice.

Coconut body butter

Cheap products from Action

I love body butter. I use this body butter as a body lotion for my body and sometimes as a hand cream. This body butter smells a lot like coconut. Firstly, I didn’t think this was a nice smell, but now I am used to it, I begin to love this smell even more. Also, this body butter makes my skin super soft. This body butter costs €2.50.

Face & hair mask

Cheap products from Action

Besides that, I’ve got these two masks. A mask for the dry skin and a mask for the dry and damaged hair. Products which really suit me. I’ve tested this mask and I can’t really say that my skin improved. My skin feels really weird and I don’t expect that of a mask. I haven’t tested the hair mask yet, but follow my  Instagram for a little review of this hair mask.

I am actually really surprised by these products. I didn’t expect that these cheap products would have a good effect on my skin. You can buy these products at a Dutch store called Action.

What do you think of these cheap products from Action?


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