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Cheap palettes for summer | My favorites!

Summer is approaching slowly and that’s why it’s time to take my summer eyeshadow palettes out of my drawer again. These palettes are completely suitable for the summer and therefore also consist of the nicest colors, but also very beautiful neutral colors. In addition, these palettes are all very cheap, which is certainly a plus. Curious about these cheap palettes for summer? Then read this blog.

Cheap palettes for summer

Revolution Soph Eyeshadow Palette

Cheap palettes for summer

This is a palette that I am really in love with and in fact for a few colors. First, the fourth top color is really beautiful. This is a rose gold color that is perfect for my eyelids. In addition, I really like the green color (3rd row), because this color fits perfectly with my eye color. I also find the second color at the bottom beautiful. All shimmer colors, but that, of course, fits well with the summer. Want to read a review about this palette? Then read my article about the Revolution Soph Eyeshadow Palette.

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Give It To Me Straight Colourpop

Cheap palettes for the summer

This is a palette with very neutral colors, but also a few red colors. I am particularly in love with these red colors such as TMI, Forthright and Be Blunt, but Up Front is also a beautiful color. I mainly use Up Front in the corner of my eyes or as a highlighter. Want to read a review about this palette? Then read my review about the Give It To Me Straight palette here.

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Dimensional Eye Creator Palette

Cheap palettes for summer

Looking for a palette that is compact, but also perfect for a neutral look? Then you really need this palette. I always take this palette with me on vacation and because it is so small, I can easily take it with me in my hand luggage if I go somewhere for a short period. For longer journeys, I take one of the palettes above. Read my review about the Dimensional Eye Creator Palette here

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You Had Me At Hello

Cheap palettes for the summer

This is a palette of Colourpop and I need to say Colourpop really makes the best palettes. In addition, they are extremely affordable. For example, this palette only costs 12 euros, which is a real bargain. This palette consists of different colors and these are especially perfect for a neutral look. Read the review about You Had Me At Hello here.

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Cheap palettes for the summer like I Think I Love You

Cheap palettes for summer

This is a palette I actually use daily. It is a palette with different colors and I use this palette especially to create a neutral look. Want to read a review about this palette? Then read my blog about the I Think I Love You palette here.

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Which palette do you like the most of these cheap palettes for the summer?


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