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When I went to Boots in Engeland, I crashed into this bronzer. First I only bought a Cover-up stick, but after a while the bronzer as well. I read on the internet that this brand was for the sensitive skin and was meant for the teenagers who want to start with make-up. I also read that there wasn’t much pigmentation in this product, but is this really the truth? All products of Natural Collection cost only two pounds, so it is really worth the try.

The package

Natural collection

Two pounds?! Hello, that’s nothing! For this I got a whole bronzer! Are these two pounds worth it or is it still money which is thrown away? Okay, let’s be honest, the package looks really cheap. I know a lot of budget brands, where the package looks amazing. I pretty much turn crazy because of these scotch tape pieces left on my packages, as I already wrote in the article about the Collection Palette. How cheap a product may be, I still don’t want scotch tape pieces on my packages. It can annoy me so much.. How hard can it be to put normal scotch tape on packages. The package is a big disadvantage, but if the bronzer is good then I can live with it.

The bronzer


The bronzer doesn’t have the best pigmentation and I’m pretty happy with that. When a bronzer has an amazing pigmentation, then the bronzer is most of the time too dark. I have a light skin and then I can’t do anything else then making my make-up products lighter. Most of the time I have to mix a darker foundation with a light one (and you can’t find those!). The only problem is, you can’t make a bronzer lighter. Well, that’s really hard. You can also apply the bronzer very easily. I’m not the best with make-up, well not the best with bronzer or highlighter. Yes, I’m special, a beauty blogger who is bad in applying bronzer and highlighter.. With this bronzer you don’t have to worry to apply too much bronzer on a spot or a bronzer which is too dark.


“Give me a good reason to hate scotch tape”. Well, I was planning on writing the ingredients down, but the scotch tape destroyed the ingredients. There is nothing left anymore. So now I’m going to search for the ingredients on the website of Boots. I can already say, this bronzer is fragrance free!

Talc, Paraffinum liquidnum, Calcium stearate, Dimethicone, PTFE, Stearic acid [+/- Mica, CI 77491, CI 77891, CI 77499, CI  77492]

The bronzer on my skin


“Casual sitting on the floor”. Making a photo with the bronzer on, is harder than I thought. I needed to find the right light fall and that’s the reason why I am sitting on the ground. When I sit in front of the window, then I look like a ghost and when I turn my head then it looks like I fell with my face in the wrong colour bronzer. As you can see on the picture, the bronzer is the perfect colour. It doesn’t attract too much attention, but it just gives the little colour I need.

Resumed, this is a really good bronzer, especially for the light skin. What do you think of the amazing price? Around 2.40 euros for a bronzer, sounds really cheap. The only disadvantage is the package, but we can see that through the fingers right?


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