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Today I interview Jorine from Jorine’s Life, a blogger with as goal to inspire people, enjoy! !

1. Who are you, how old are you, what are your hobbies etc?

I’m Jorine, 15 years old and I live in a little village in the north of Holland. I’ve alot of hobbies and not much free time. A couple of hobbies are jogging, sailing, drawing, playing piano and watch netflix. Also I get really happy from eating nice food; with a really good pizza I’m really happy. Besides this I blog and make videos and I share these on Youtube, that’s maybe also a big hobby of me!

2. What’s your blog name and how would you describe your blog?

My blog name is Jorine’s Life. I would describe my blog as a place where I can share things with the world and what me inspires. .

3. Where do you blog about and how would you describe your niche?

As the name already says, my blog is about my life. I share things which I like, things which inspires me or things I do. That spreads a lot between fashion, beauty until lifestyle. I varied lifestyle with plogs, sport (jogging!), food and music. Also I write update articles where I describe how my life’s goes on that moment, because that changes a lot.

4. How long do you blog?

I blog since februari 2014, a bit longer than two years.

5. What do your friends and family think about your blog?

My mum doesn’t like it at all and she doesn’t get it why I blog. The other part from my family doesn’t even know that I blog and  they don’t have to know it.

6. How would you like to change your blog?

I would really like to change from blogger to WordPress, with wordpress I have a lot more of opportunity’s with lay-out and I sounds like a whole new experience, but also more practical. Also I want a new lay-out: after a while I don’t like my lay-out anymore and especially these ‘old’ pictures.

7. If you need to choose another hobby, what would you choose?

I would do more jogging, drawing and sailing. And maybe take some cooking lessons 🙂 Or maybe do something more for school if I have more time..

8. Where would you love to blog about?

Lifestyle! I would like to show more about the ‘real’ Jorine, and less the girl with a passion for mode and make-up.

9. What would you like to achieve with your blog?

To inspire people!

10. Where do you get inspired from to keep on blogging?

I get my inspiration from magazines and other blogs. But also when I do something: ‘Goh, that’s nice to blog about’ and I do that. When I have inspiration from myself, then I have it on the most clumsy things, when I cycle, sport, shower or when I almost need to sleep. I write those ideas on a paper, so I always have some ideas when I don’t have inspiration.

This was my fifth blog interview from the year 2016. Do you want to be in a blog interview aswell? Then send a email to:

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